#303# My Store
Create your own USSD service and reach millions of new users in Africa.

#303# My Store: First USSD App store in Africa & the Middle East

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Extend your service to all mobile users

If you have digital services or mobile contents you want to promote, expose your service through USSD and reach over 120 million customers in Africa & the Middle East.

A unique short code for all countries:#303#(except Cameroon: #203#)

Reach many countries in Africa and the Middle East

The #303# My Store is already available in Egypt, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mali.

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As a major international operator, Orange is widely acknowledged for our service and network quality, so you can be sure your USSD activity is optimized.

We also make it faster and easier for you to build and commercialize your services.

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The registration and publication process is fully managed by Orange.

Facebook USSD, key service with USSD experience

Facebook USSD enables Orange customers to access Facebook even if they don’t have an internet connection.

So far 12 Orange countries are connected, with 1,359,578 visitors per month, and 2,047,255 connected users (2015).

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MLouma gives agricultural markets a boost with the Orange #303# My Store API. Read more