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Orange Beacon
Manage targeted communication or content to your customers, at the right time and place.

Create your own intelligent environments with Orange Beacon

A connected object to target and communicate with customers

Orange Beacon is a connected object broadcasting a Bluetooth signal that can be received by the large majority of smartphones around the Beacon.

The client, target or visitor, will receive automatically a message or a targeted offer on his device.

Orange Beacon has many advantages like the the fact it can be used indoor or outdoor and enjoys a several years battery. With Orange Beacon, you send geo-located messages to your customers with a few meters precision.

Place your beacon where you want

Orange Beacon is small, discreet and can be installed anywhere. Placed at the entranced of an area it can send a message inviting pasersby to enter your space. Set by a new product or an exhibit, it can provide additional information on it.

Prepare easily your campaigns

You have access to a management tool on PC and mobile to set yours goals, yours campaigns. You choose the message for each Beacon and the range which will trigger the sending of messages to your customers.

The statistic platform enables you to control and analyse easily your campaigns’ results daily, weekly or monthly.

Communicate with your customers in a better way

Your customers, prospects and visitors will receive the defined message at the right place and time. Consequently their acceptance and interest will increase.

Get started with our mobile SDKs

Orange Beacon is already available in France for iOS and Android.
So far Orange Beacon has been adopted by businesses such as Château de Versailles, the Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon, 118 712, Pages Jaunes, la Fourchette restaurants, Quiksilver, Sycomore.