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Billing for Business M2M
Track and download your bills and credit notes. Download your usage reports

Main features.

Track your bills

The API allows you to retrieve detailed information on your bills and credit notes.

Download reports

Thanks to the API, you will be able to download your monthly reports such as CDR files, specific billing reports....

Handy features

The API is comming with nice features like Filtering, Advanced searching or generation of statistics on your bills.

Use case Ebonding Integration

Thanks to this API, you can integrate Orange Business Services bills & credit notes directly in your own Information System.

Your users can access to your bills, reports thru your Intranet. No more need to use Orange customer Portal.

You can also integrate your bills thru a middleware in Billing aggregator such as SAP, Tungsten.

Use case: Dashboard generation

Integrate your Orange Business Services bills within your own Information System.

No more need to use your Orange customer Portal. You can see your bills directly in your tools.

Key Benefits

Save time

Synchronize automatically with your Information System.

Improve data quality

Be ensured to always have up-to-date information on your invoices and credit notes.


Integrate your bills in your own tools.