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Discover CDN Select Beta
Check the availability of Orange CDN service

Improve the delivery of your web content in Africa

Orange is committed to enabling content providers in distributing their content in Africa with the utmost quality and performance. We help enteprises achieve this especially through our Data and IP Connectivity solutions.

Today, we invest in the deployment of an Africa-wide Content Delivery Network through our Media Delivery Boost product, with a target footprint of over 15 Content POPs to cover your delivery needs efficiently. All types of content can be delivered through Media Delivery Boost, from live video streaming, to music or application download. Using our CDN ensures that you will meet the expectations of your users as content consumption grows exponentially in the next few years.

Orange CDN Select API ease the integration of our Orange CDN with your website or mobile application.

With the Orange CDN Select API

  • You can check the Media Delivery Boost footprint. Based on the IP address, you will receive confirmation that the eyeball requesting your content can be served from an Orange Content POP.

  • Your web infrastructure can dynamically adapt the content’s URL according to the outcome of the API request, making the delivery faster and smoother.

Why should you use Orange CDN Select API ?

Leverage Orange footprint

You can efficiently deliver content to over 120 million Orange customers in Africa

Accelerate your site

Automatically choose the most efficient CDN provider and easily implement a multi-CDN provider approach adapted to your regional delivery requirements

Choose simplicity

The API access is included in the Media Delivery Boost service

Start using this API


This API is part of the Media Delivery Boost service. Our team will be happy to discuss setting up our CDN offer to your content. Please contact us by filling the contact form, we will get back to you.


Once we have assessed the feasibility of the project and enter the engineering phase, you will be invited by email to subscribe to the CDN Select API.


Once you have subscribed to the API, you will retrieve your keys and be able to use the API. Enjoy !

CDN Select API and Media Delivery Boost service are developed and distributed by Orange International Carriers. You can learn more on our solutions on our web site.