Cloud France
Enrich your service with Orange Cloud: the personal online storage service for our mobile & broadband customers. Access, upload and manage content.

A unique multiscreen solution with up to 100GB storage

With the Orange Cloud, customers have a private and confidential storage space accessible from any computer, smartphone and tablet, using the Orange application or TV.

With 100GB, users can backup, synchronise all their contents on the Cloud.

Target millions of users in France and soon Europe

The Cloud is already available to millions of mobile and internet customers in France. They can use it to store anything from important personal or business documents to memorable photos, videos and music.

integrate quickly for free

Our API is free to use and based on industry standards. You can integrate functionality to download/upload files pictures, movies, documents and manipulate folders.

Do like partners: integrate this API

Now, Forever users can digitalize and preserve their family memories through generations in their Orange Cloud. Read more.

Sharalike has incorporated the Cloud API in its web and mobile service in France to allow its Orange customers to save and access their photo animations created on Sharalike from their Orange Cloud. Read more.

The simple integration with Orange Cloud API has expanded their users storage options & facilitated use by Orange customers. Read more.

Watch the use case below and see how you can use the Orange Cloud API to help simplify the lives of your customers.