Cloud France
Enrich your service with Orange Cloud, the personal online storage service available to our mobile & broadband customers. Access, upload and manage content.

Create value for our customers' 100GB of storage

Orange Cloud customers enjoy up to 100GB of private online storage to backup and synchronize their content, which they can access from their computer, smartphone, tablet or TV.

The Orange Cloud API enables you to add file download, upload and folder manipulation features to your service for Orange Cloud customers in France.

Why you should use the Orange Cloud France API

Expand your user base in France

Target millions of Orange mobile and internet customers who are subscribed to Orange Cloud to store documents, pictures, audio, video files and more.

Free and easy integration

Our API is available in self-service: sign up and get started with our documentation! Need help? Get in touch with our teams.

Secure and privacy-friendly

Orange Cloud applies the strict security and privacy standards adopted by Orange. Data is hosted in France and subject to EU privacy laws.

Become a featured partner

Do you have a service that will simplify the lives of Orange customers?

Integrate the Cloud API and you may become one of our premium partners for unparalleled exposure and market access in France and beyond.

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