Cloud France
Enrich your service with Orange Cloud, the personal online storage service available to our mobile & broadband customers. Access, upload and manage content.
API deprecated
  • added: information about download process.
  • changes: french label on file size error when uploading.
  • fixed: the DELETE session URL was incorrect (the ESID is given in a header, not in the path).
  • fixed: in upload body, the "size" parameter is a string, not an integer ; "freespace" all lowercase in code sample.
  • added: max file size for upload.
  • changed: specific error format and contents.
  • changed: adding warnings regarding folder names and multipart upload.
  • Addition of Cloud Full Read API and Cloud API preliminary note and scope description.
  • clarification: folder name format [a-z;A-Z;0-9] for POST cloud/v1/folders.
  • MAJOR evolution : addition of the June 2015 version
  • initsession/deletesession deprecation, improvment of multipart upload, addition of the standard upload.
  • add errors: 403 USER_NOT_ELIGIBLE and 403 CGU_NOT_ACCEPTED
  • update error: 500 INTERNAL_ERROR
  • remove session headers
  • add file operations copy
  • move and rename
  • add recursive listing
  • pagination
  • filtering
  • add option to move easily from root folder to app folder.