Cloud OpenStack
Discover digital opportunities by using Cloudwatt resources & OpenStack APIs to build your app and platform. Scale up & down resources to maximize performance.

Cloudwatt has its own dedicated portal, therefore some links below such as ‘create my account’ or 'access the documentation' will redirect you to the right place accordingly.

Access a wide range of cloud services

Cloudwatt is the opensource public cloud of Orange Business Services, and an ideal platform to optimize your app's cost and performance.

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Automated processes

Cloudwatt, the Openstack based Public Cloud of Orange, give you extended access to all Openstack modules and Management REST APIs. You can manage all cloud services by using our APIs with access to Compute, Storage and Network to support your services.

Take a look at the comprehensive technical reference, access the full documentation here.

Extra tools for developers

To support your teams in deploying cloud ready applications, we have put together handy technical documentation on our techblog as well as many SDKs.

Explore our possibilities, read our techblog.

Deploy applications in few clicks

Cloudwatt has selected a few key applications. We have also simplified integration and deployment to provide you with a 1Click applications catalog.

Discover our ‘1Click’ catalog.

Free trial to experience Cloudwatt

If you want to try our solutions, you can use different resources (compute, block & objet storage, bandwidth, etc.) for free. It's your first step onto OpenStack.

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