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CPaaS Sandbox
Easily integrate communication services into your apps with Orange Communication Platform as a Service (Sandbox)

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. A CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to easily add communications features into web or mobile apps, without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.

And Orange CPaaS?

Today, Orange CPaaS offers voice, SMS and mail services (see detailed list below). Most of these services use our telco infrastructures, so we can value them, and some of them use external infrastructures, so we can enrich our offer.

We are now developing new services and working on a marketable version, but you can already use our sandbox.

Feel free to contact us via email at : cpaas.com@orange.com

Your programmable modules


- Incoming & Outgoing call

- Interconnect  people

- Play audio streams

- TTS (Text to Speech) 


- Get call status


- Book French Numbers

- Full digital journey

- Associate dynamically this number to your Voice scenario


- Program your flow

- Chain all CPaaS features (Voice/SMS/Email...)


- SMS out MT (Mobile Termination)

- Special characters support (Unicode)

- Long Message (over 160 characters)

- Any country (sandbox : France only)

- Massiv broadcast support


- HTML content support

-Choice of the issuer

- Choice of the reply address

- Broadcast support


- Generate an OTP (One Time Passcode)

- Choose your channel (Voice with TTS or SMS or email)

- Define code size

- Define the number of try

- Tune TTL

How to use our sandbox?



- Go to "My apps" to create a new app or choose an existing one.

- Click on "Add an API" and select "CPaaS sandbox" in the dropdown list.

- In the consent screen, fill "Redirect URL" with any value (not used further).

- Once added, the API will be in "Pending" status.


Let us confirm your access

When you subscribe, we receive a notification. We will check with you, to confirm your access. The API will go to "Active" status.


Use the API

You can use your app's credentials to retrieve an access token. Once your token is retrieved, you will be able to use our API.

Limitations on sandbox

Voice & Numbers

- Maximum duration of a call: 5 minutes

- Maximum number of calls: 200

- Maximum number of bookable French landline numbers: 3


- Maximum number of SMS: 500 (including SMS with OTP)

- SMS destination authorization: France


- Maximum number of mails: 1 000

Your business requirements are our primary concerns

CPaaS Orange features mentioned above (SMS/Voice/Number...) are all available in our sandbox.
Because we think you should not waste time implementing your idea, we build CPaaS API to be simple to use.
Try it now !!

Above all, CPaaS team is receptive to your requirement to implement new features. We decided to build CPaaS product around 3 pilars :

- Build the right thing  : Orange set up a dedicated structure named OpenLab to make co-innovation and build together your requirements.

- Use the right Method : CPaaS design follows concept of "Hexagonal Architecture" to provide simplicity and adaptation for futur features.

- Team : We organize our team in agile mode to be responsive.