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Data Share
A single API to create services that connect all your users' objects data. Expand your potential with the Data Share ecosystem.

Connect many of the popular devices your users already use through the Data Share ecosystem.

Data Share, part of the Datavenue Services

Data Share is part of the Datavenue services suite.

Data Share is a user centric privacy minded ecosystem that connects the dots between the objects and better suited services that makes use of the personal data.

Data Share helps service providers create new and tailored made services to their end user, by leveraging data from their customers connected objects.

Data Share takes care of the complexity of collecting your user’s data and lets you focus on your value proposition. Data Share is already compatible with tens of devices, accessible through one unique API.

Privacy first

Use Data Share to request the user consent to access the data you need for your service. Every aspect of the privacy is taken care of with Data Share service

Get rid of complexity

A single API for all the supported connected devices and functions, which abstracts the complexity and heterogeneity of the objects data models.

Focus on your service

Create your innovative service for your users, and seamlessly access the data you need. We take care of keeping everything up and working.

Foster your ecosystem

You can also share your object or service data with the Data Share User, to foster the overall ecosystem

With Data Share, create new services without the complexity of fragmented IoT implementation

Data Share ecosystem already works with the following brands’ devices

Data Share already supports Polar, Awox, Logitech, Fitbit, Withings, Netatmo, Parrot Flower Power, Philips Hue, Garmin, Lifx, Orange MyPlug…. And more will join over time.

*Awox : directly connected to Orange's infrastructure (IoT Cloud Orange)

Add the right ingredient to the recipe of your sucess

Thanks to a culinary ecosystem developed jointly by Seb and Orange, Foodle, provides you with suggestions for appropriate recipes, taking into account a variety of factors such as the inherent app data (your profile, your culinary preferences, known allergies, preparation time, and available equipment) and external data (your physical activity, the weather).

Data Share helps to coordinate your connected objects within the Foodle service, and adds valuable data to the mix to recommend the right recipe for you.

Create the next coaching service

Create a true innovative service, we take care of gathering the data from different connected objects and wearables for you. Focus on your service and experience, not the complexity each connected objects data access.

Thalasso Blanco is already using Data Share to create a year long lasting connected spa experience for its customer, by leveraging the wellness data from connected objects (weight, activity, heart rate, sleep, etc.).

Complete your home automation service

With Data Share, access to numerous smart home objects your users already use, and create innovative services on top of the data.

Homelive by Orange is already using Data Share to access new devices from the ecosystem such as the Schneider Electrics Wiser Thermostat and data sharing with utilities partners such as EDF

Start Using Data Share today

Sign-up and subscribe to the API

To access the Data Share API first access your Orange Developer portal and add the API to one of your apps.

Access user data and devices

Create your own end user account in Data Share, connect your selected objects to this account, get started with the API in your app and test data access from your new app. That’s it, you’re all set!


Create amazing apps without worrying about the technical aspects of IoT data collection from your end users and focus on what you do best, a great service to your users.

Coming soon

The next version of Data Share will be a paid B2B platform managing IoT data and user consent on behalf of third parties.

More about the up-coming version