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DigiPay Payment Middle East Africa
Facilitate your service management and payment to Middle East Africa Orange users

Welcome to the DigiPay API

The DigiPay MEA solution will provide to your service all nedded API to manage end user susbcription cycle, make payment trought MyOrange Place, 3G/4G mobile network, WIFI, SMS, USSD acquisition channel.

Due to U.E (GDPR law) and Orange data privacy policies, no personnal date like MSISDN, user information will be provided or send to 3rd platform. The usage of user alias (called ISE2) will the userId to manage all DigiPay API.
DigiPay API are not public. A contract agreement need be signed between Orange and the service prodiver before to access to API

if you are looking for new business opportunities and you want to deploy your service in Orange MEA carrier, you can contact our business team located in Abidjan (adama.dieye@orange.com, aissata.cisse@orange.com). They will guide you to proceed for contracutal, commercial and technical tasks

Orange operator covered :

North Africa / Middle East : Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan

SSA : Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Sénégal, Guinea Conrakry, Guinea Bissau, Libéria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo RD, Botswana, Madagascar

API for end user authentication, acquisition channel

  • 3G/4G Header enrichment with implicit Orange network authentication

  • WIFI OneTimePassword by sending and validating PIN by SMS

  • SMS MO for service activation with SMS MO shortcode

  • USSD for service activation with USSD command

  • NEW ! : MyOrangePlace the new Orange apps store dedicated to MEA service provider

API for end user subscription cycle management

  • To manage end service activation by using ProductOrder API that will activate your service on Orange subscription backend
  • To receive user susbcription notification (completed, canceled..) by sending request to your backend

API for payment and bundle management

  • To bill user on his prepaid account or postpaid bill
  • To manage included offer bundle
  • To activate DataPass (free / not free) on end user account

API for SMS service

  • To send SMS to end user mobile phone. Shortcode or friendly senderName can be customizable. The maximum lenght for a SMS is 400 caracters

Warning : those SMS must be sent only in the context of DCB service for billing notification, reminder, sms game. No commercial SMS are allowed on this SMS channel. If Orange detects API usage for other context of DCB service, your connection will be immediately suspended.

Note : you will have when your application will be created to add additionnaly the SMS DCB MEA API on your application to access to SMS functions

API for care management

  • To get subscription status for a end user
  • To manage end user deactivation by sending usubscription request from your backend
  • To make conversion from MSISDN to user alias for customer care purpose

Now create your app

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Add DigiPay MEA API

To get access to all API, you have to add DigiPay Payment, DigiPay DCB SMS service and One Time Password when you click on "Add an API' button


Integrate and develop over our API

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