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Discover 118712
Display residential and company contact details from the most enriched directory in France.

Benefit from our enriched directory in France

French subscriptions

Get the contact details (name address, landline/mobile phone numbers) from all authorised French business and residential directories, according to your requests

Qualified subscriptions

All contact details are qualified subscriptions with regular automated and manual updates

Home connected devices

As a directory provider, you might want to provide valuable information about the professionals in your clients’ surrounding area. With the Directory 118712 API offer, your customers will be able to order pizzas from a nearby restaurant or find the bakery closest to them.

Directory services

As the company intranet administrator, you might want your employees to find the contact details of a person or a business even though they only know the name. With the Directory 118712 API offer, you can give contact details and additional information (name and location) on an incoming call.

The Directory 118 712 API includes two separate offers depending on the amount of request per month.

We’ll provide Terms and Conditions for the offers as part of your direct contract.

Either way, you’ll need to sign a contract in order to access and use the API, so once you fill the form, the 118 712 team will contact you directly to finalize your subscription.


Up to 10.000 requests per month

6-months subscription

300€ HT per month


Up to 100.000 requests per month

12-months subscription

1.000€ HT per month

How to get started ?



A contract between you and 118 712 must be set up. Please, apply for the 118 712 API by filling in the contact form.
We will contact you to present the offer details and if appropriate, to set up the contract.



Once mutual interest is confirmed, you will be invited by email to subscribe to the API and access a limited environment to test it during two weeks.



Once the contract is signed, you will be provided access to the production environment to take full advantage of this offer !