Discover Check ID Spain
Cross check your customer info with ours, to mitigate fraud while improving user experience with Mobile Connect.

Improve customer trust

By using the Orange Check ID Spain API, you can give your customers extra security as their identity is double-checked prior to any transaction validation. You’ll benefit from reduced fraud, reduced costs and faster transactions.

Simple tool for your customers

Improve your drop-off rate by removing the steps that generate the most friction in your customers’ journey.

Protected Privacy

Customer privacy and authorization are managed through dedicated dashboards, complying with European law on privacy management.

User authentication is performed by Mobile Connect for our Orange Spain subscribers.

As a company, Orange is taking clear and strong steps toward personal data protection and security.

Benefit from the power and protection of Orange Spain authentication

It allows you to verify the identity of your user, perform ID federation, and collect the end-user consent required to access his personal data.

This API is compliant with the OpenID Connect core specification.

Subscription steps

Check Id Spain is offered through our Digital Identity Services partners offerings. Therefore, a contract must ultimately be set up between you and one of our Digital Identity Services partner.

Feel free to review the online documentation to get familiar with the Check Id features.

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