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Discover Cooking Recipe
Integrate the SEB & Orange Cooking Recipe API to access high-quality recipes sustained by a culinary ontology and semantic technologies.

Recipes to meet your everyday cooking needs.

Connect with a global leader of the appliances market

Open Food System is a joint platform developed by Orange and SEB®, centered on smart recipes and open to FoodTech players.

The Cooking Recipe API enables you to search a rich database of recipes, created by SEB in-house chefs for various appliances (i.e. Moulinex® and SEB® appliances, including the connected Cookeo®, Actifry® and Companion® series), but also by bloggers, food lovers and many more. 

Save time by searching through illustrated French-language recipes according to any relevant filter: recipe name, dish type, appliance model, ingredient, preparation time, quantity, nutritional information, seasonality, allergies, diet, technique…

Why you should use the Cooking Recipe API

An unmatched offer

Access hundreds of high-quality illustrated recipes created by professional chefs, food bloggers and cooking lovers.

Boost your app’s reach

Find recipes made for you, easily, thanks to comprehensive search filters, while building on SEB’s in-depth knowledge of consumers’ expectations.

Evolve with us

Benefit from the knowledge brought by SEB culinary ontology and semantic technologies to make recipe contents actionable.

Create new food services

Use the Open Food System database to offer your users new culinary experiences that will simplify their lives. Possible uses include personalized recommendations based on food preferences or diet, creating shopping lists from recipe ingredients, meal planning based on dish type and preparation time, and more.

Evolve with us as we explore the future of FoodTech

Enjoy the benefits of open innovation with SEB® and Orange as we continue to expand the API’s features. Future developments include nutritional value, ingredient replacement, brand advertising, trending recipes and integration with digital assistants like Orange Djingo!

Head over to the Open Food System platform for more information.

Start using this API


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Once our teams have cross-checked your contract information with your application ID, you can get started with our API.