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A single API to let you integrate Moulinex® and SEB® recipes into your websites or mobile applications. These recipes are tailored made for Moulinex and SEB cooking appliances.

Recipes to meet your everyday cooking needs.

Cooking Recipe, powered by a worldwide reference of the Small Household Appliance market.

Cooking Recipe offers tailored made recipes for a variety of kitchen appliances such as :  

  • Moulinex and SEB appliances : Cookeo® Connect, Actifry® Smart, smartI-Companion®,  Pressure Cookers
  • and many other !

All the content of Cooking Recipe is available in French language, including traditional french recipes, ranging from Starters to Main Dishes and Desserts.

Cooking Recipe has the most suitable and most qualitative recipe database for everyday cooking appliance use. With an installed base of the most famous and cooked recipes in France, Cooking Recipe is completely adapted to the products Cookeo®, Actifry® and Companion® already sold at more that 2 millions units in France.

Groupe SEB sells 7 products every second around the world, which represents over 200 million products a year and markets its products in over 150 countries (generating a turnover of over 4,7 billion Euros in 2015), making it a leader in the cooking appliance industry. 

Quality Recipes

Benefit from qualitative recipes, elaborated by our partner chefs, bloggers, and contributors. Recipes are adapted to regional food cultures through traditional dishes using local ingredients.

400 +

Search and consult through more than 400 recipes available, each with a specific ingredient list, simple and clear instructions to guide you through the recipe steps, and soon to come nutritional data.

Culinary Images

Display high resolution images of recipes, captured by a culinary photographer in a unique kitchen studio setting.

With Cooking Recipe, create new food services

Unlimited potentials await you with Cooking Recipe

Groceries & Shopping Lists

Allow users to find customized recipes fitting with their daily cooking habits and preferences, and convert the recipe’s ingredients list directly into a shopping list.

Meal Planning

Plan your weekly meals by choosing recipes according to the type of courses, time (preparation, cooking and total time) and   ingredient preference. You can also add high resolution photos to illustrate the recipe.

Food Preferences

Thanks to a wide range of recipes, recommend the most suitable recipes to users, fitting their dietary habits, preferences, and  restrictions : vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc.


Enhance your brand visibility with Groupe SEB recipes, allowing you to benefit from strong brands awareness (Seb®, Moulinex® …), and famous cooking appliances (Cookeo®, Actifry®, Companion®, Pressure Cookers®).

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