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Discover Cooking Recipe
Integrate the SEB & Orange Cooking Recipe API to access high-quality recipes sustained by a culinary ontology and semantic technologies.

SEB Specific Terms for COOKING RECIPE

Service Provider: SEB société par actions simplifiée, incorporated with the Companies Registry of Dijon under number 302 412 226, with a registered office 21 260 Selongey, France.

Service published by ORANGE

Version number: 1.0

Date : June, 27, 2019


Orange and SEB® have developed a joint platform called “Open Food System” centered on smart recipes and open to Food Tech players.

The Open Food System platform offers a range of services enabling the collection, structuring, enrichment and publishing of recipes.

The access to the Open Food System recipes is provided by the Cooking Recipe API.

The Cooking Recipe API is provided to You by SEB.

The Cooking Recipe API enables You to search in a database of recipes provided by different players among them: SEB,
bloggers, professional media players, food lovers. 

The access to the Cooking Recipe API is enabled through the following procedure:

  • You have to sign up to Orange Developer Website Conditions and create Your own  Orange Developer account;
  • You have to create a subscription request for the Cooking Recipe API from Your Orange Developer account by filling a contact form. The SEB Cooking Recipe API team will contact You to review the details of Your offer and formalize in a contract;
  • Once the SEB Cooking Recipe API team has cross-checked the contract information with the application ID, You can get started with the Cooking Recipe API
Information (mandatory) requested for Cooking Recipe API subscription : 
  • Type of business
  • Phone number
  • Company Website / application 
  • Use Case / Business Case 
  • Business Model

This information is mandatory to provide the access to the Cooking Recipe API. 

This information does not allow us to identify You as an individual and thus do not constitute personal data.


The Cooking Recipe is provided by SEB for free. New pricing may be introduced by SEB at any time, in accordance with the provisions of section 7 of Orange Partner General Terms.


The Terms, as defined in section 1 of the Orange APIs General Terms, consist of Orange APIs General Terms and these SEB API Specific Terms for The Cooking Recipe API.

These SEB API Specific Terms for the Cooking Recipe API deviate from the Orange API General Terms as the Cooking Recipe API is provided by SEB and not by Orange or by any Orange Affiliate.

The Orange General Terms constitute the agreement between Orange and You in respect of Your use of the Orange Developer Website.

These SEB API Specific Terms for the Cooking Recipe API constitute the agreement applicable between SEB and You in respect of Your use of the Cooking Recipe API and use of Your API Client.

In case of any discrepancy between the Orange APIs General Terms and these SEB API Specific Terms for The Cooking Recipe API, the latter shall prevail.


4.1.    Service Availability. 

SEB will use its best efforts to provide the Cooking Recipe with reasonable care and skill. The Cooking Recipe API is provided “as is” with no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of availability,performance, storage capacity, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and/or non-infringement.

In addition, SEB informs you that the Cooking  Recipe may be subject to (i) suspension at any time for technical or operational reasons (in particular but not limited to maintenance operations) or (ii) removal for indefinite periods of time for any reasons or events that are not under the direct or indirect control of SEB.

4.2.    Cooking Recipe API main features. 
With Cooking Recipe API, You
 can access to an enriched recipes database with the following functionalities:


The Cooking Recipe API provides several repositories of common cuisine concepts such as ingredients, kitchenwares, etc.


The Cooking Recipe API provides three search facilities: 

  1. Full text search function on Title, Description, and Ingredients
  2. Multi-criteria search function - Cooking Recipe API allows You to provide a form search on all recipes criteria
  3. Date of publication: list of the most recently published recipes

Those features may evolve overtime. 


Content available through the Cooking Recipe API depends on the audience associated with each recipe.

Two audiences are available depending on what You are looking for:

-     Private: get the search results among the recipe editor’s own content following the enrichment cycle

-     Public: get results among all public recipes from other editors available on Cooking Recipe Services platform

Recipe Metadata

The Cooking Recipe API provides additional metadata about the recipe. Metadata is provided in the form of a JSON object with several attributes. All of these attributes may not be present in each recipe. New metadata can be added at any time and existing metadata can be removed at any time. 

Some examples of metadata:

-     Allergens and dietary restrictions: some of those allergens are automatically detected. In case of conflict, manually specified allergens should be given higher precedence than automatically detected ones.

-     Vegetarian and vegan tags: these tags are automatically added when these rules apply

  • Vegetarian: the recipe contains no ingredient made from meat or fish
  • Vegan: the recipe does not contain any ingredientof or derived from animal origin

-     Seasons: the season block indicates the monthly availability of the ingredients. 

-     Media URIs: some recipes may include some pictures, either of the final result or of some steps

Cooking Recipe API is provided by SEB under the conditions described mainly in this section. SEB has the right, at its own discretion, to change the features and capabilities of Cooking Recipe API, on the basis of new conditions that will be published, when available, on the pages dedicated to Cooking Recipe API on Orange Developer website (http://developer.orange.com).

4.3.    Grant of Rights to Use. 

SEB retains all right, title and interest in and to Intellectual Property Rights related to the Cooking Recipe and you are granted a limited right to use the Cooking Recipe.In particular You are not entitled to grant your API access to a third party.


All the content (recipe and media) distributed/published by the Cooking Recipe API, such as, but not limited to, text, photographs, illustrations, videos is protected by user rights defined during the collection of the recipe between the recipe
editor and SEB.  

SEB retains all right in repositories, software application, sources codes and designs. SEB grants You a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable right to use content of the Cooking Recipe API in accordance with these terms and conditions. SEB will not hold any responsibility in case of a use of Cooking Recipe API which does not comply with these terms and conditions.

The logo marks and other distinctive signs in Open Food System are protected under trademark law by Groupe SEB companies.

All trademarks belonging to Groupe SEB Companies and in particular, TEFAL, MOULINEX, SEB, COOKEO, COMPANION etc. must always be used with capital letters. 


Notwithstanding section 9 of the Orange APIs General Terms, SEB will inform You of the termination of Cooking Recipe API three months in advance of the date of the termination.