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Flexible Datasync
Boost the development of your real-time apps with an Orange backend that adapts to IoT, mobile, social and collaborative services.

Flexible Datasync is available on a dedicated portal where you will be able to access all relevant resources. Some links further in this overview will redirect you to the sections accordingly.

Benefit from a mobile backend as a service with smart data synchronization

Connect your iOS, Android or Web application to Orange Cloud for Business and store data securely.

There’s no need to develop or deploy a backend as Orange can manage everything for you.

Your application data can be shared and synchronized in real-time between multiple customers using pubsub* and Flexible Datasync cache management. If your app loses network connectivity, the offline mode can synchronize data as soon as it next connects.

Authenticate your users via their social media identity (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Mobile Connect…).


Available for all platforms

Our SDKs are available for the latest Web and mobile platforms : Android, iOS, Node.JS and JavaScript

To integrate our service, it's as easy as 123!


Use our Flexible Datasync web portal to create your developer account and register for the service


Get instant access to our useful tools to start developing your service: API documentation, step by step tutorials, SDK and code samples


Create your database model, configure your authentication methods and your data access security rules and you’re ready to focus on your front-end development

Try the Flexible Datasync Beta service for free with no commitment.

There are just a few restrictions on high volume usage (50 active connections maximum).

If you need to use a higher volume then please contact Flexible Datasync support for our latest pricing options.

User examples

Easily insert communication features such as chat, audio and video conference into your existing web and mobile apps.

Implement collaborative apps requiring real-time notifications and user data updates relying on dynamic synchronization.

Deploy mobile or web apps that enable full control over connected objects.