Form Filling France
Pre-fill your forms with Orange users' data, for simpler, more reliable interactions.

A simple tool for your customers

Thanks to Orange Form Filling France API your customers can automatically complete registration forms faster with reliable information from Orange such as their address and telephone numbers. This information can be injected into your service user journey in order to personalize it to your users.

Ease the customer journey

Orange Form Filling France API will help you improve your customer journey and reduce your drop-off rate by removing the steps that generate the most friction: registration, billing or delivery information.

Millions of people in France and soon across many countries in Europe

Millions of mobile and internet customers are already using their Orange Identity to access Orange services. By using or federating your digital identity with Orange Identity API, you gain access to a wide audience in France and soon across Orange European countries.

Benefit from the power and protection of Orange authentication

Orange Identity APIs are using the authentication systems of the countries onto which they are deployed. Hence, you benefit from the security of these secured, time-honored and closely monitored authentication processes.

Protected Privacy

Customer privacy and authorization are managed through dedicated dashboards, complying with European law on privacy management. As a company, Orange is taking clear and strong steps toward personal data protection and security.

Open standards that simplify your integration work

The Orange Form Filling France API is based on OpenID Connect which combines end-user authentication with OAuth2 authorization. It allows you to verify the identity of your user, perform ID federation, and collect the end-user consent required to access his personal data. This API is compliant with the OpenID Connect core specification.

Subscription steps:

Contract with the Identity Team

Prior to any subscription, a contract between you and the Identity Team must be set up.

Please fill in the contact form to begin your subscription request (You will be required to create a developer account on We will contact you to present the offer details and if appropriate, to set up the contract.

Subscribe to the API

Once you have created your developer account, subscribe to the API.

Your subscription request will be put on hold while we will study your application.

note: subscribing to an API means declaring an application and adding an API to it from the APIs list.

Get your subscription approval

We will be contacting you to cross-check the contract information set up in step 1 and the Application Id information as provided in your developer account.

If you had skipped step 1, we will be setting up the contract with you at this stage.

Once your subscription is validated, you can start using the API.

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