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Id Match Spain
Id Match Spain, allow Orange 3rd Parties to check in a smooth way if the data provide by a customer in a Web form is valid.

Improve customer trust

By using the Orange ID Match Spain API, you can give your customers extra security as their identity is double-checked prior to any transaction validation. You’ll benefit from reduced fraud, reduced costs and faster transactions.

Even more, as Orange is not sharing with you any personal data but only checking the input data provided by you, customer privacy it is much more improve and there are less constrains regarding the protection law linked with data sharing of personal data.

Simple tool for your customers

Now you have the way to quick validate the input data introduced by the customer with high customer privacy.

Protected Privacy

Customer privacy and authorization are managed through dedicated dashboards, complying with European law on privacy management.

User authentication is performed by Mobile Connect for our Orange Spain subscribers.

As a company, Orange is taking clear and strong steps toward personal data protection and security.

Benefit from the power and protection of Orange Spain authentication

It allows you to verify the identity of your user, perform ID federation, and collect the end-user consent required to access his personal data.

This API is compliant with the OpenID Connect core specification.

contract with the Identity Team

contract with the Identity Team

contract between you and the Identity Team must be set up.

Please, apply for the Id Match Spain API by filling in the contact form (requires you to sign-in or sign-up at developer.orange.com). We will contact you to present the offer details and if appropriate, to set up the contract.

note: you can also complete this step at step 3, during the  subscription approval.

subscribe to the API

Sign-in or sign-up for a developer  account and subscribe to the API.

Your subscription request will be put on hold while we will study your application.

note: subscribing to an API means declaring an application and adding an API to it from the APIs list.

get your subscription approval

We will be contacting you to cross-check the contract information set up in step 1
and the Application Id information as provided in your developer account.

If you had skipped step 1, we will be setting up the contract with you at this stage.

Once your subscription is validated, you can start using the API.