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Live Booster modules
Connect seamlessly your devices with a ready-to-use cellular connectivity solution with prepaid connectivity.

Hardware and connectivity

The Live Booster’s modules are distributed by our partner EBV Elektronik with the prepaid connectivity included.

Regarding your needs and your expertise you can select :

  • The module : electronic component that have to be soldered on your PCB.
  • The evaluation board : a dedicated board that will help you to prototype your connected objects.

The products are available in 2G and in 2G/4G declination.

Live Object Libraries

With Live Booster you can enjoy/get an easy connection to our IoT management platform Live Object. We have already developed libraries enhancing the use of Live Booster modules.

Make your own connected devices

1 - Select your Live Booster Module2 - Create your account on Live Objects3 - Add your sensors to create your product
1 - Select your Live Booster Module2 - Create your Account on Live  Objects Platform3 - Add your sensors to create your product
With prepaid connectivity ( 2G or 2G/LTE-M/NB-IoT), Live Booster is the easiest all-in-one way to connect your objects.Use our IoT Device Management Platform to collect and monitor your devices. Thanks to dedicated libraries the integration is seamless.Live Booster modules are ideally suited for M2M applications such as metering, wearable, tracking, remote monitoring, healthcare, telematics, mobile POS terminals, bike sharing, smart farming …
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