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Location Check
Mitigate fraud by cross-checking customer location and roaming information provided by Orange.
API deprecated

Check the location of your customer

By using the Orange Location Check API, you can make sure your customers are physically located in the country where their digital transaction has been initiated, decreasing the risk of credit card fraud.

Easier customer experience

Location Check API allows for better transaction processing, making the user-journey faster and smoother and reducing drop-off rates.

Protected Privacy

Customer privacy and authorization are managed through dedicated dashboards, complying with European law on privacy management.

As a company, Orange is taking clear and strong steps toward personal data protection and security.

Open standards that simplify your integration work

The API is API is based on OpenID Connect, which combines end-user authentication with OAuth2 authorization. It allows you to verify the identity of your user, perform ID federation, and collect the end-user consent required to access his personal data.

This API is compliant with the OpenID Connect core specification.