Location Check
Mitigate fraud by cross-checking customer location and roaming information provided by Orange.

Location Check France

Location Check France API allows partner applications to retrieve information about user's mobile handset location (e.g. roaming country).
[BASE URL: /locationcheck/fr/v1, API VERSION: 1.0.0, HOST: https://api.orange.com]
    • implementation notes

      Returns the list of user's attributes that match with the ‘location_check’ scope agreed by the authenticated user during user consent process.

      response class (status 200)
        "sub": "string",
        "updated_at": 0,
        "is_roaming": false,
        "roaming_country": "string",
        "location_country": "string"
      parametervaluedescriptionparameter typedata type
      The Authorization with a valid tokenheaderstring
      response messages
      List of common error codes
      HTTP status codereasonresponse model
      400Bad Request. List of error codes:
      - 1510: Application Id is missing or invalid
      - 1511: UserId is missing or invalid
      - 1512: User country is missing or invalid
      - 1513: List of validated scopes is missing or invalid
      - 1514: Partner alias is missing or invalid
      - 1515: Application Id does not have enough permission
      403Forbidden. List of error codes:
      - 1516: No valid scopes are granted
      - 1590: User identifier is not eligible
      404Not Found. List of error codes:
      - 1591: User identifier does not exist
      500Internal Server Error. List of error codes:
      - 1500: Check & Go service unexpected error
      defaultCommon error list
        "code": 23,
        "message": "Missing body field",
        "description": "The field 'productionDate' is missing from posted body"
    • HTTP status codereasonresponse model
      400List of supported error codes:
      - 20: Invalid URL parameter value
      - 21: Missing body
      - 22: Invalid body
      - 23: Missing body field
      - 24: Invalid body field
      - 25: Missing header
      - 26: Invalid header value
      - 27: Missing query-string parameter
      - 28: Invalid query-string parameter value
        "code": 28,
        "message": "Invalid query-string parameter value",
        "description": "One or more query-string parameters contain invalid values."
      401List of supported error codes:
      - 40: Missing credentials
      - 41: Invalid credentials
      - 42: Expired credentials
        "code": 42,
        "message": "Expired credentials",
        "description": "The requested service needs credentials, and the ones provided were out-of-date."
      403List of supported error codes:
      - 50: Access denied
      - 51: Forbidden requester
      - 52: Forbidden user
      - 53: Too many requests
        "code": 53,
        "message": "Too many requests",
        "description": "The application has made too many calls and has exceeded the rate limit for this service."
      404List of supported error codes:
      - 60: Resource not found
        "code": 60,
        "message": "Resource not found",
        "description": "The requested URI or the requested resource does not exist."
      405List of supported error codes:
      - 61: Method not allowed
        "code": 61,
        "message": "Method not allowed",
        "description": "The URI does not support the requested method. The available methods should be set in the response header 'Allow'"
      406List of supported error codes:
      - 62: Not acceptable
        "code": 62,
        "message": "Not acceptable",
        "description": "The Accept incoming header does not match any available content-type."
      408List of supported error codes:
      - 63: Request time-out
        "code": 63,
        "message": "Request time-out",
        "description": "The server timed out waiting for the incoming request."
      411List of supported error codes:
      - 64: Length required
        "code": 64,
        "message": "Length required",
        "description": "The request did not specify a Content-Length header, which is required by the requested resource."
      412List of supported error codes:
      - 65: Precondition failed
        "code": 65,
        "message": "Precondition failed",
        "description": "One of the precondition request headers (aka. 'If-None-Match', 'If-Match', 'If-Modified-Since', and 'If-Unmodified-Since') failed to match."
      413List of supported error codes:
      - 66: Request entity too large
        "code": 66,
        "message": "Request entity too large",
        "description": "The body of a request (PATCH, POST and PUT methods) is larger than the server is willing or able to process."
      414List of supported error codes:
      - 67: Request-URI too long
        "code": 67,
        "message": "Request-URI too long",
        "description": "The URI provided was too long for the server to process."
      415List of supported error codes:
      - 68: Unsupported Media Type
        "code": 68,
        "message": "Unsupported Media Type",
        "description": "The format of the posted body is not supported by the endpoint."
      500List of supported error codes:
      - 1: Internal error
        "code": 1,
        "message": "internal error",
        "description": "Generic failure message, used if no more precise code can be provided."
      503List of supported error codes:
      - 5: The service is temporarily unavailable
      - 6: Orange API is over capacity, retry later !
        "code": 6,
        "message": "Orange API is over capacity, retry later !",
        "description": "The service faces too much requests and can not handle the call."