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Manage your SIM cards effectively, carry out remote analysis and reduce costs. Starter-kits available for trials.

Reduce your costs and automate your solutions with the M2M API

Now there’s a simpler and more efficient way to manage all your SIM cards, personalize their services, carry out remote analysis and reduce your operational costs. Our M2M API enables you to build services that seamlessly integrate all the information provided by your M2M SIM cards, allowing you to manage your SIM fleet in real-time and reduce the cost of running it.

The API is available in France.
For other countries, ask our experts.

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Efficiently manage your M2M services

What are the benefits?

  • your business has additional services to expand its business
  • optimize and organize the life cycle of your SIM cards
  • crossmatch the information on the machine with that on the SIM card
  • check if the M2M subscription is enabled, disabled or suspended
  • view the average cumulative traffic on the SIM card for the current month
  • access all your communications history (6 month rolling) log a malfunction from your desktop (loss of network or atypical consumption) without the need for an engineer

Our solution has been designed to improve your business activities, for example:

  • access to information via the M2M portal or API
  • enhanced fleet management
  • easier control over costs
  • improved operational efficiency and service quality
  • proactive alerts to any issues

If you want to order this service or add it to an existing or new subscription, please note that you can also find it as an option of the M2M service on the Orange Business Service website; you can also, of course, contact your sales representative.

The API is also available in other countries with a localized service description. For more details, ask our experts.

Self-management: manage your SIM cards and the cost running them

Activate a subscription to open the network services and start the billing in the first use of the SIM associated to the subscription. It also enables you to suspend the subscription.

Machine connectivity provides you with all data concerning the subscription / SIM and offers you the opportunity to establish links between your data and ours.

Traffic tracking provides you with the summary of the traffic exchanged between your machines and our network by lines or for a set of lines within your park, or maximum period of time between the first day of the current month and the current date.

Subscription status provides the subscription status and SIM data referring to the last commercial modifications to the SIM options.

Auto-diagnosis: simplify your incident diagnosis

Service alarms

allows you to configure alarms that send alerts in order to warn you about over-consumption associated with a SIM or a fleet of SIMs and detect incidents

Session history

provides you with the history of all communications on the SIM card within a given period and allows you to analyze the associated traffic

Incident diagnostic

provides you, on request, with potential network malfunctions where your machines and SIM cards are located

Network status

gives you, on request, the radio network coverage for France mainland and its availability, at a specific location, at a specific time

3 reasons to choose Orange Business Services for M2M

Network coverage

We have unmatched network coverage and quality in 220 countries and territories with local support in 166 countries and more than 500 roaming agreements, and we also own mobile networks in 32 countries. Our robust SIM cards can be used everywhere, and we provide enhanced quality of service through the Global M2M Association (GMA). In addition, we have accepted more than 65 modules into our certification program.


We offer a one-stop shop for M2M, ranging from design to project management, to service and support. To strengthen your business, we have more than 300 people dedicated to M2M, with expertise in innovation, integration and vertical solutions. This includes our international M2M center. We have strong recognition from key industry analysts and are advocates for the adoption of international M2M standards.


M2M solutions are industry-specific, so we approach every engagement with an open mind. Our tailored solutions accommodate different technologies and system architectures, and we partner with different industry players as needed. We have customer references in a wide variety of sectors, including health, automotive and utilities.