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Maintenance for Business M2M
Track maintenance periods due to Orange Business Services and Carriers changes. M2M use case

Please refer to Maintenance for Business promoted offer which contains offer documentation and enablers developers to subscribe to Maintenance for Business 2 legs or Maintenance for Business 3 legs offers

Maintenance for Business API allows you to track all planned scheduled works on your WAN Network. This scheduled works can be  a change requests from you, Orange on its backbone changes or other Carriers.

On each scheduled works, the impact is specified per device/site with the following levels: transparent, degraded service or a disrupted service.

Track your changes on your network

You can integrate track your maintenance events and notify local employees of a potential degradation of their Network directly in your own Information System.

Update the calendar of your operational Staff

Thanks to the Maintenance for Business API, you can automatically set Maintenance periods in the Calendar of your Site Operational Staff.