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Network Info France
Protect your business against identity theft and fraud by cross-checking users’ SIM, device, contract and network details.

The Network Info France API is an API dedicated to protect Orange customers against identity theft.
This API contains 5 different scopes :

  • simswap
  • device
  • contract
  • network
  • hash_identity

Each scope provides user information to check user identity with different manners.
This API is fully GDPR compliant. A user explicit consent is always asked to the user before collecting personal data.

simswap scope

The simswap scope is a service that verifies in real time if an individual mobile phone numbers (MSISDN) has been ported to another SIM card. Basically, it detects if the SIM identification number (IMSI) has recently changed. This service is intended to be used for anti-fraud purposes to avoid to send sensitive information, like One Time Password (OTP), to mobile phone numbers that have been taken over by fraudsters.

device scope

The device scope is a service that provides mobile phone device information like device model, device identification number hash  (IMEI hash). It also indicates if this device was declared as lost or stolen and provides the dates when the device was used for the first time and for last time.

contract scope

The contract scope is a service that provides contract information like the date of start of the contract, the account status (active, inactive or suspended), the customer type (pre-paid , post-paid). It provides also the information if the SIM card is a primary or a secondary SIM card (a secondary SIM card shares the mobile data offer with a primary SIM card).  It checks sensitive information to ensure user account protection.

network scope

The network scope is a service that verifies in real time some user's network data .It provides the user's  roaming status and roaming country and can be used to make sure your customers are physically located in the country  where their digital transaction has been initiated, decreasing the risk of credit card fraud. It provides also the telecom brand name like Orange or Sosh, and the line type ( like mobile or internet or both type). These information allow us to improve the Know Your Customer (KYC) on this user.

hash identity scope

The hash_identity scope is a service that provides 4 different user identification hash numbers:

  • user mobile phone number hash
  • user device number hash
  • user SIM number hash
  • user contract number hash

It indicates if any change has occurred concerning the digital identity of one customer