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One Time Password Authentication
Authenticate your end users through a One Time Password sent by SMS, for non mobile network transactions.

Welcome to the production API of the One Time Password service.

Now that you have tested your code with the Beta version of this app and that it has been validated by your Orange Contact, you can proceed with this production API.

Just click on 'My apps', select your existing app (already used for integration purpose), or create a new app, click 'Add API' and choose 'One Time Password Authentication'. Then change the Beta credentials of your code for the new credentials you will be given by the system.


In any case, you need to use the production endpoint instead of the beta one: https://api.orange.com/challenge/v1/<resources>


Your app is now ready to work.

Authenticate users through a One Time Password sent by SMS


Do you want to authenticate a user so that they can access your service or application via a device not connected to the mobile network such as a Wifi tablet, or a computer connected to broadband ?

Do you want to confirm that the mobile number they have given is correct?

It’s as simple as using our One Time Password API.

  • When prompted the users enter their phone number (MSISDN)
  • They receive a unique password via SMS
  • They enter the received password when prompted
  • You have verified that the right end-user is connected in order to offer further services.


Our API ensures an easy and secure way to authenticate the mobile user. The SMS is delivered via our secure network, adding the One Time Password as an extra authentication layer. 

This means you can check subscriptions are human not automated, authenticate the phone number, ensure users do not enter incorrect phone numbers by accident, and therefore offer services that need this extra level of security.


The One Time Password API is based on the REST protocol and uses the Orange backend environment for security and robustness.

The SMS sent is free for end users located in France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Romania, Slovakia