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Pilotage Décodeur TV - dev Beta
This API is used to control Orange TV decoders from the TV 5 model. Note: this version points to the development infrastructure only and does not work with real production TV decoders.

This API is currently only available in Metropolitan France (Not available in DROM).

This API requires authentication using the main Orange contract email of the household.

It does not work with a secondary email account in order to secure control access to the sole holder of the contract.

Authentication OAuth 2.0

The security mechanism of this API is based on access tokens obtained according to the OAuth 2.0 standard

You will find tutorials here:

To obtain a working access token, there is a mandatory parameter to provide concerning the scope, you must use tv_remote

To force authentication and avoid implicit authentication on the wrong account, we strongly encourage that you also add prompt=login to the authorize parameters, example:

https://api.orange.com/openidconnect/fr/v1/authorize?prompt=login \ 
 &response_type=code \
 &client_id=..... \
 &scope=tv_remote \
 &state=upToYouData \

If the authentication fails or the API does not work you will receive an error for example:

Authentication error

Be sure that:

  • The redirect url has been declared in the settings of your Orange Developer application, otherwise the redirect will be rejected
  • You are not using implicit authentication which risks authenticating a secondary account by default (ensure prompt=login is present)
  • You have specified the tv_remote scope (ensure scope=tv_remote is present)
  • You use the main email account for authentication and not a secondary email account (ensure to authenticate using the main email of the contract)

Discovery of available TV decoders

Before being able to control a set-top-box TV decoder (zapping, application launch, etc...) you must retrieve its identifier (deviceId) by calling the discovery API.

The discovery API will return all known 4K UHD TV decoders in the household that are on at least one times in the last 2 months.

  • If the TV decoder does not appear, turn it on or restart it first, make sure it is a TV5 decoder because the API is not compatible with the TV3 and TV4 previous devices.
  • If several TV decoders appear, they will each have a different name and deviceId.
  • If multiple devices are found, a random suffix is automatically applyed (Decodeur Orange 2, Decodeur Orange 3...) to recognize them uniquely
  • If an old device is shown (broken device, exchanged/refurbished, etc...) it will disapear automatically 2 month after its last power off.

Controlling Using the API

To drive the decoder simply use one of the zapping, application launch, etc. APIs described in the swagger of the API reference tab.

  • If the decoder is in light standby (energy saving mode deactivated), only switching on the decoder is available from the APIs.
  • If the decoder is in deep sleep (power saving mode activated) or electrically switched off, the ignition API does not work.
  • If you try to use a deviceId that is not part of the household, you will receive an error, it is not possible to drive a decoder that is not part of the household authenticated by the main account.


This API is for Orange internal use only. Access is monitored: abuse will immediately disable the API.