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Hosted at, the Search Toptrends FR API showcases which topics are creating the most buzz according to French internet users on an hourly basis. The API analyzes and aggregates the millions of news searches made on the Orange search engine with the most shared news on twitter and media sites. Used by more than 4 million internet and 1 million mobile users, carries out 2 million searches per day and is the only search engine of the top 5 in France which specializes in French topics, making breaking news even more relevant.

Based on a true expertise in open data, the Orange Search Toptrends FR API generates 500K searches per month, 15% coming from mobiles and tablets.

Richer browsing experience thanks to wider content

The Search Toptrends API aggregates the most talked-about topics giving a much richer browsing experience and a real sense of the most interesting news items in France. It is a perfect animation tool for homepages. It enables you to display French press stories and enhances French websites using specialized results pages from

Toptrends API automatically optimizes content for PC, mobile and tablet screens and partners can adapt the topics to themes such as sport or celebrity gossip (politics, sportsmen, actors, musicians, etc.).

Integrate within minutes for free

Our API is free to use. All technical information is accessible on our site follow the links at the top.

Are you a press partner?

If you are interested in joining our community of 26 press partners, please contact us on twitter  @lemoteur

You will get exclusive visibility and referencing into our Search Engine.

Le Figaro and 27 other media websites have embedded the Search Toptrends API. Read their testimonial.

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Testimony with

WordPress fan? Don't bother about coding with the Top Tendances des recherches WordPress plugin

Get the plugin

Install the Toptrends WordPress plugin on your server hosted blog or website, and show what stories are creating the most buzz among French internet users on your blog or website.

Download the plugin from WordPress by searching for “Top Tendances des recherches”. Once downloaded, activate the plugin.

Configure it

Once activated, to retrieve your Client ID and Client Secret, you will need to register an app then click 'Add an API' and select 'Search Toptrends France'.

On the settings for the plugin, under configuration enter Client ID and Client Secretand click on "utiliser cette clé".

Please note that you will need to renew your credentials for the app every 3 months.

If "état du token" is green and valid, then it's good to use.

Deploy it

After the plugin has been setup, go to Appearance > Widgets

Drag "Top Tendance" from "Available widgets" to "Widgets area"

  • select from the following 3 categories: "Actualité", "Sport" and "Personalités"
  • you can also choose the number of words that display in the widget (up to 20)