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SIM Verify France
Protect your business against identity theft and fraud by cross-checking users’ sim.

The SIM Verify France API is dedicated to protect Orange customers against simswap fraud.

This API is fully GDPR compliant, while Legitimate Interest allows for no user consent to be required

SIM Verify scope

SIM Verify checks in real time the last activation date of a SIM card over the network. It verifies if an individual mobile phone number (MSISDN) has been ported to another SIM card.

Depending on how recent thatactivation is, SIM Verify will return a ?true? or ?false? answer, which canthen be integrated into a service anti-fraud measures.

SIM Verify aims at improving thesecurity of services which rely on SIM-based services to secure themselves,such as transactions validated via an SMS One Time Password (OTP).