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Starter Kit LTE-M
Discover the capabilities offered by the LTE-M network optimized for connected devices.

Quick prototype with our starter kit powered by mangOH™

Discover the capabilities offered by the new LTE-M network optimized for connected objects. To get started as quickly as possible, our starter kit includes the mangOH Red open-source plateform and a Sierra Wireless LTE-M module, as well as an example of integration into our Live Objects data management platform.

mangOH provides an open-source, industrial-grade, and business-friendly hardware platform to help you prototype your connected devices. Coupled with the AirPrime WP7702 module, your applications benefit from the LTE-M network.

For who is it available?

  • This kit is only for France Metropolitan
  • The associated LTE-M offer can be subscribed only by a French company (a K-bis document is required)

How to get your LTE-M starter kit?

Buy your kit and SIM card

The starter kit is available on DigiKey. Order your kit now

Get your SIM card including 3 months access to the LTE-M network.

Register to Live Objects

Benefit from 1 year of free access to Live Objects for device & data management.

Deploy your first application

Get started on mangOH.io and benefit from the mangOH community.

Get started now

Experience Device to Cloud

From idea to prototype to product, mangOH™ is industrial-grade open source hardware designed to address common IoT pain points.

The Sierra WP Series provides a secure device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product on a single module. 

LTE-M is a Low Power Wide Area network for IoT devices.

It allows power saving, bidirectionnal and real time communications with a bandwidth of 350kb/s in half-duplex and up to 1Mb/s in full-duplex.

Mobility handover and roaming are also available.

Live Objects by Datavenue, a secure platform for your devices and data enabling you to manage your devices, messages and data.