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Starter Kit LTE-M and Nb-IoT
Discover the capabilities offered by the LTE-M Nb-IoT network optimized for connected devices with Orange Belgium.

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Discover the LTE-M starter kit here

Quick prototype with our starter kit powered by mangOH™

Discover the capabilities offered by the new LTE-M Nb-IoT network optimized for connected objects. To get started as quickly as possible, our starter kit includes the mangOH Red open-source plateform and a Sierra Wireless LTE-M Nb-IoT module, as well as an example of integration into our Live Objects data management platform.

mangOH provides an open-source, industrial-grade, and business-friendly hardware platform to help you prototype your connected devices. Coupled with the AirPrime WP7702 module, your applications benefit from the LTE-M Nb-IoT network.

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How to get your LTE-M Nb-IoT starter kit?


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Experience Device to Cloud

From idea to prototype to product, mangOH™ is industrial-grade open source hardware designed to address common IoT pain points.

The Sierra WP Series provides a secure device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product on a single module. 

NB-IOT and LTE-M are two new Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies developed for IOT applications. Both are protocols for low bandwidth cellular communications that connect to the internet devices that need to transmit small amounts of data, with the lower costs (both hardware and subscription) and the higher battery life.

They’re expected to connect hundreds of millions of things to the Internet in the next few years and there are some clear benefits that make these two technologies essential for the future of IoT communications: Low power consumption, extended range (Nb-IoT has better penetration in indoor), less costs (hardware and subscription), cloud security, easy network deployment.

Live Objects by Datavenue, a secure platform for your devices and data enabling you to manage your devices, messages and data.