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Starter Kit LTE-M
Discover the capabilities offered by the new LTE-M network optimized for connected devices.

To start using your LTE-M Starter Kit, you must:

1- Activate your SIM card with an Orange M2M offer and activate the LTE-M option:

2- Create your account on Live Objects for a 1-year free trial

  • In the Configuration menu, select APIKEY and create your API key. With the following options :
    • Customized
    • Device Access / Device mode MQTT access
    • Device / Device management (both reading/writing) This key will authenticate you for the connection to Live Objects.
  • Access the Live Objects documentation.

When you’ve completed the above steps, head to mangoh.io Orange Getting Started page to start using your card. To simplify your first use, mangOH and Orange teams are making a development environment Virtual Machine available for download with a preconfigured development environment. Once you’ve entered your API key, you will be able to launch your deployment on the mangOH card and visualize your data on Live Objects.

Join mangOH community to continue exploring all the capabilities of mangOH Red Orange LTE-M starter kit.