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Table Annotation
Semantic Annotation Toolkit for Tabular Data

Orange API Specific Terms for Table Annotation


The Terms, as defined in section 1 of the Orange APIs General Terms, consist of (i) such Orange APIs General Terms and (ii) these Orange API specific Terms for the API Table Annotation. In case of any discrepency between the Orange APIs General Terms and these Orange API Specific Terms, the latter shall prevail.


2.1 Service availability

24/7 outside scheduled works.

2.2. Use of the API

You can freely submit your subscription demand to this API online. Once submitted, the Orange team will be notified and proceed to your submission approval before you can actually use it. Once approved you will get your credentials in your developer account.
We are delighted to let you discover and test this API with your application. For that purpose, this API is free of charge with these thresholds: 2 requests per second as a peak and 20 requests per hour per consuming application.
We welcome all service owners, data project developers and academic institutions, don't hesitate to subscribe. We would love to hear you out for any suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at dagobah.support@orange.com.

If your application need higher thresholds or is planned for a production scale with this API, please contact us at dagobah.support@orange.com to address your needs and set up a business contract.
Note that Orange may suspend your access to the API if the API is being used in a production scale application without contract.

2.3 Personal data protection

You are responsible for compliance with the law on personal data for any information transmitted. If a violation of this law is identified, Orange may suspend your access to the API until you provide proof of compliance.