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User Details France
Enrich your service with user profile information.

Enrich the profile of your user with qualified data from Orange

Personalize your service for your users

Orange Details France API allows you to access a sample set of qualified user information from Orange.
This information can be injected into your service user journey in order to personalize it to your users. It also allows you to test your integration before submitting a request for our other, richer APIs.

Get a first taste of the power of Orange qualified data and Identity offers

Orange User Details France API provides you with a sample set of qualified data, but there’s much more value to be built through our other APIs and accessing the full power of Orange : secure your online transactions, reassure your users while reducing fraud, ease your customer journeys, and gain access to a far larger audience, the Orange client-base.

In order to benefit from such functionalities and additional qualified data, you can subscribe to our other Identity APIs (Note that a contract with Orange will be required).

Privacy by design

Orange will take care of customer privacy and authorizations management through dedicated dashboards. Orange is complying with European law on privacy management, and as a company, is taking clear and strong steps toward personal data protection and data security.

Get started with implementation

In order to start developing, please read the following documentation :

If you don't have an Orange end-user account, or need account management help, please refer to the following guides :