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Orange Wifi Locator France Beta
Get the Orange Wifi hotspots and information such as distance from search coordinates, among all Orange WIFI points : public ones, partners' and community wifi related.

Help your users find the nearest Orange hotspot

The Orange Wifi Locator API allows developers to fetch information about more than 4 millions Wifi hotspots for Orange, Orange affiliates and Orange Community Wifi in metropolitan France.

Search is based on a circular area: all the hotspots located within a circle relevant to the given latitude and longitude coordinates. Circle radius is 1000 meters by default and is customizable.

Get information about hotspots

This API provides up to 50 results with hotspot details like coordinates, distance from the search, hotspot Id.

Integrate quickly for free

Our API is free to use.

Combine the API with your own service to provide accurate information about Orange hotspots. The database is now daily updated.