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IoT & Data Analytics

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Discover our selection of resources from the Orange Datavenue portfolio to support the design and development of your IoT project. Here, you will find devices, connectivity plans and IoT platforms specifically intended for device-makers, app developers, data managers and more.

What you can do with our assets

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Enhance your processes with IoT

Combine IoT connectivity solutions with data & device management platforms.

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Build, connect, manage and distribute your IoT devices

Prototype with our kits and access our device marketplace; connect & manage your device.

IoT enterprise software vendor

Develop your business with us

Integrate in your solution our connectivity & platforms, receive support & training, and join our IoT  community.

Our IoT tech resources

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Featured kits & IoT devices

Select your device from our IoT catalogue or prototype your device with our starter kits & SDKs.

Datavenue Market

Check our market place of +80 certified connected objects that we have sourced, tried and tested.

Starter Kit LTE-M

Discover the capabilities offered by the new LTE-M network optimized for connected devices.

Starter Kit LoRa

Discover the capabilities offered by the LoRa® network optimized for IoT objects and services.

Live Booster

Prototype your connected object with our all-in-one cellular connectivity solution with a ready-to-use connected module, a prepaid data plan accross Europe, and the access to our management platform.

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IoT dedicated networks

Access to a range of IoT networks that can be combined to connect your solutions according to your bandwidth and autonomy needs, and cover a wide range of use cases.


Connect to our LoRa® network in France and enjoy 3 months of free access.

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Manage your SIM cards effectively, carry out remote analysis and reduce costs.

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IoT management platforms

Check out our selection of IoT platforms from Datavenue to manage your devices & data as you develop new services.

Live Objects

Manage your objects , collect, store, secure and process your IoT data.

Data Share

A single API to create services that connect all your users’ objects data. Expand your potential with the Data Share ecosystem.

Flexible Datasync

Boost the development of your real-time apps with an Orange backend that adapts to IoT, mobile, social and collaborative services.

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Testing sites

Come and test your use case on our latest networks while benefiting from tools, starter kits and support from our experts close to Paris.

LTE-M Open IoT Lab

Test your connected device for free on the low power, low range and low cost IoT dedicated LTE-M network, in our Lab – Paris area.

5G Lab

Explore 5G faster throughputs, lower latency and ultra-dense connectivity network capabilities, in our Lab – Paris area.

Our partnerships opportunities

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Join the IoT community

Interested in joining a growing community based on shared value and IoT tech? Sign up to learn about upcoming events, receive updates on new Orange IoT offers and training.

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Sell your IoT device

Do you have a device that could be of interest to our B2B or B2C customers? If your product fits with our needs, you may be able to access Orange distribution channels.

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