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Data Share

What is Data Share?

Data Share is an IoT data aggregation solution for app providers that is:

  • user-centric and privacy-focused, managing user consent at the same time as the transfer of IoT data.
  • based on a universal norm for modeling device data, making it easier than ever to develop services based on multiple devices of different brands.

Data Share – Free beta version available now

Today, Data Share is a service available to end-users and business partners alike, as a free self-service beta.

Through their dedicated account, end-users share their IoT data with developers, partners, etc., in exchange for value-adding services.


With Data Share beta, Orange offers to act as a data controller, with the following benefits:

  • End-users enjoy fine-tuned control over their data and privacy
  • Developers have a common norm to model data from multiple devices of different brands
  • Developers, integrators, etc. are freed from the complexity of managing user consent and can focus on their value proposition

How it works

  1. Users’ IoT data is aggregated in the Data Share beta platform
  2. Users manage their data and permissions through a personal Data Share account
  3. Users, through their account in your service, give you access to relevant IoT data in exchange for value-adding services

Data Share B2B – coming soon

After the success of the Data Share beta with a wide range of partners, Orange is evolving this service to meet the IoT ecosystem’s needs for solutions that:

  • Enrich user experiences with connected devices
  • Are user-centric and privacy-focused by design
  • Help service providers of all kinds accelerate the development of their IoT offers
  • Seamlessly integrate into their user journeys while being GDPR-compliant by design

The next version of Data Share will be a paid B2B platform managing IoT data and user consent on behalf of third parties.

With Data Share B2B, Orange offers to act as a secure data processor. This makes it easier for you to create new services based on the connected devices used by your customers in their daily lives; meanwhile, you stay in control of your customer relationship!

With this new version, you will be able to improve your user experience by integrating connected devices, and to re-expose user data to develop your digital ecosystem. Future developments will include a SaaS model, SDKs, sector-specific APIs and more.

How it works

  1. The B2B Data Share platform aggregates & manages users’ IoT data and consent simultaneously, in a GDPR-compliant environment
  2. Users only need to share permission through their account within your service, enabling you to keep a seamless customer journey.

A trusted operator

We have taken stringent commitments where the protection of personal data is concerned: our users are always in control!

The Orange Trust Badge is a concrete example of these commitments, as is our policy of storing user data in France in order to benefit from EU privacy laws.