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Distribute your B2B IoT device with Orange

Are you a device-maker who’s interested in targeting a large B2B customer base? Find out how to distribute your B2B IoT device with Orange.

Our growing portfolio of IoT devices aimed at B2B customers includes 80+ models of devices, modules, gateways, starter kits and modems, in a combination of devices developed in-house and by our partners. These devices are showcased through two main channels: the IoT market place, which is open to all, and our sales teams’ internal device catalogue.

How to become an Orange IoT device partner

The main stages of the partnership process are as follows:

1. Application & evaluation

Click the link above to send in your application and become identified as a potential partner. Our IoT experts will evaluate your application, according to priority use cases and business opportunities, and contact you shortly.

2. Becoming an Orange IoT device partner

If your evaluation is positive, you will be selected to become an Orange IoT device partner. This gives you exposure within the Orange Group and can lead to some or all of the following benefits – depending on the specifics and maturity of your project:

  • Viability and quality assessments
  • Advice and support from Orange experts
  • Testing and co-construction
  • POCs with Orange B2B customers

3. Commercial opportunities

In this advanced stage of the partnership, your device gains direct exposure in either or both of our main channels:

  • The Orange IoT Marketplace
  • The IoT Device Catalogue used by our B2B sales teams, who can propose your device to our top B2B customers