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Identity, personal data and security: how to choose your API and tools

On the Web or via mobile apps, users no longer want to choose between convenience, security, and privacy. For developers who need above-market guarantees when it comes to identity management and privacy, Orange offers a suite of APIs to create trusted digital services.

What you can do with our assets

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Ease customer acquisition

Accelerate account creation of your leads with ready-to-use data.

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Mitigate risks and fraud

Use operator data to match user information, improve trust in transactions and make smart fraud risk decisions.

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Increase security

Meet customer expectations with multiple authentication capabilities

Our Identity & Authentication APIs

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Choose your authentication method according to your context and use case among Login, Line identification, SMS Orange ID, SMS OTP Consent and Mobile Connect

Authentication methods

Select your authentication among Login, Line identification, SMS Orange ID, SMS OTP.

Mobile Connect

Experience sign in without login and passwords

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Know Your Customers

Leverage Orange customers’ qualified data for improved decision-making, account creation and transaction verification.

Form Filling

Pre-fill your forms with Orange users’ data.

Check ID

Cross check your customer info with ours.

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Mobile information

Detect fraudulent usage with a unique profile combining, software, hardware and network data.

Network Info

Protect your business by cross-checking users’ device and network details.

Location Check

Cross-check customer location and roaming information provided by Orange

Identity based services

Identity-based services

Deploy an identity solution in the cloud with a full range of features including, authentication, full cycle user management, fully accessible through API.


Set up your own identity management and benefit from single sign-on and social login capabilities.