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LoRa Starter Kit connectivity

Subscribe to our IoT Connect Low Power service to connect your LoRa® Explorer Kit to the Orange France network.

Thank you for purchasing the LoRa® Starter Kit!

You can now :

  • Connect your starter kit to the Orange LoRa® network for free during the first 3 months*
  • Manage your data through the Live Objects platform for free during the first 3 months
  • Access the documentation on Github

* In continental France according to your eligibility to the Orange LoRa® network

How to subscribe

1- Check if your area is covered

2- Print and complete the form

    • Please fill out this form especially the sections 1,2,3 which are mandatory for account creation and don’t forget to specify your bank account information on page 2 (section 4 is only optional when complimentary LoRa® coverage is needed).
    • In addition to this form, we will need your:
      • BIC/IBAN
      • Identity card copy
      • Kbis extract copy

3- Send it back to support.iot-starter-kit@orange.com

4- Receive your e-mail confirmation and account validation