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5G is waiting for you! Come and test your innovative service at the Orange 5G Lab

The 5th generation of wireless technology is predicted to hit the market by 2020, bringing a major change in how we communicate and live. In anticipation, Orange opened its own 5G Lab, an open innovation facility at the heart of the Orange Gardens corporate campus in Chatillon, France. The Orange 5G Lab is the ideal place to innovate with partners eager to explore how 5G can benefit their products or services.

Orange Gardens Campus

A 5G Lab focused on consumer market services

The purpose of the Orange 5G Lab is to foster the 5G ecosystem and to stimulate the development of products and services through early adoption of 5G technology.

To do so, we plan to work in-house and with outside partners to identify the most promising use cases and create new mass-market consumer services. These services may be marketed and delivered by Orange directly, or by third parties using Orange 5G assets and enablers.

What you will find at the Orange 5G Lab

We provide a fully functional 5G infrastructure resulting from our partnership with Huawei, including the following features:

network antenna black and white icon

Experimental 5G network

  • Indoor & outdoor 5G coverage at Orange Gardens on licensed 3400/3800 MHz frequency bands
  • Complete 5G mobile platform, compliant with 3GPP Release 15 specifications for Non-Stand Alone architecture
iot device kit black and white icon

5G devices

  • Pre-commercial 5G devices as they become available from our suppliers:
  • Compact indoor/outdoor mobile routers
  • In 2019: new 5G devices like dongles, tablets or smartphones
server icon black and white

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) server

  • MEC integrated into the experimental 5G network
  • Apps run closer to devices
  • Increased reactivity
  • Content streaming

5G specifications and benefits

Network speed icon black and white

5G offers download speeds of up to 20 Gbit/s per cell for mobile communication.

Multi-tool network slicing icon black and white

Dedicated network capacities can be assigned to specific applications and meet guaranteed service levels.

Latency icon black and white

5G reduces response time from ~30 ms to just <5ms for near-instant transmission.

Mobile computing icon black and white

5G enables decentralized clouds for applications, providing the required resources with more agility and flexibility.

Scales icon black and white

Both frequency capacity and data transfer rates are optimized on 5G allowing far more devices to transmit data simultaneously.

Energy efficiency leaf icon black and white

5G reduces energy consumption-per-bit usage by making the network more sustainable.

Key 5G use cases to explore with us

5G capabilities will bring faster throughputs, lower latency or ultra-dense connectivity. 5G aims at addressing usage requirements in three markets:

  • enhanced mobile broadband,
  • fixed wireless access
  • specialized services such as critical or massive IoT.

Below are 3 of many key use cases where these 5G enablers make all the difference.

Automated goods delivery

5G will enable automated delivery at large scale for highly targeted use casespresaging an era where next-day delivery becomes the standard option, as well as emergency packages sent by drones or robots in a matter of hours.

Mobile gaming, AR and fully immersive VR

5G will make communication fully immersive for both stationary and mobile use cases. The applications are endless for merging the real and online worlds in the realms of shopping, entertainment, gaming and social events


Video streaming (4K/8K, 360°, Live, etc..)

The main hurdle for sharing the newest video formats like UltraHD, 4K, 8K or 360° vision has been data transfer rates. 5G will make these constraints a thing of the past, enabling for instance to stream 360° video in ultra-high definition and to quickly share video files on the go.

Interested? Fill in the Orange 5G Lab application form below to tell us about your company and your project. We can’t wait to see what you have in mind and what we can start building together.