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Discover Orange IoT networks and contact for subscription

Deploying the IoT on a massive scale cannot be done through a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, Orange offers a wide range of IoT networks to its partners, including cellular and IP connectivity, to make sure they have the right solution for the diverse needs of their projects.

They include low-power & wide area (LPWA) connectivity for extensive, non-critical coverage, and real-time cellular connectivity, some with dedicated IoT standards, for population and/or mobile coverage in real-time. You can combine several of these networks, including with short range solutions like Bluetooth® or WiFi.


A closer look at the Orange IoT networks offer


A low-cost and energy-efficient network to deploy the IoT on a large scale.


130+ B2B customers

Europe map

Ongoing deployment in Europe

Did you know? LoRa connectivity can be used in combination with other network techs for hybrid use cases, for instance to transmit readings through LoRa but download firmware updates to trackers via LTE-M.

Cellular networks

From industrial M2M to high-speed IoT solutions, covering mobile and static use cases alike.


Wide range

99% of population covered in France

Data Toggle

Real-time transmission


80% of population covered in France

International globe

Global M2M station


Constant network upgrades

Cellular connectivity is ideal for devices that need wide network coverage to transmit data on a frequent basis and/or in real-time. It is the solution of choice for machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions between devices equipped with SIM cards.

We are constantly upgrading our cellular networks to best meet the needs of the IoT ecosystem. Cat-1 compatibility on our 4G networks is an essential step in supporting high-speed mobility use cases.

LTE-M or Mobile IoT

The IoT Swiss-army knife, from to low- to high-bandwidth, with optimal mobility and indoor usage.

Battery charging

Lower energy consumption

Smart Home

Deep indoor coverage

Airbox Auto

High-speed mobility support

LTE-M is an evolution of 4G LTE, standardized by the 3GPP to support new IoT use cases as part of the GSMA Mobile IoT Initiative. Orange is currently upgrading its 4G network to progressively deploy LTE-M connectivity across the European footprint.

The Orange Open IoT Lab is one of the ways Orange supports the development of LTE-M across its cellular networks to facilitate the creation of new services – and we are looking for partners!

You’re not sure what network is best suited to your needs? Our sales teams are here to help!