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Datavenue IoT platforms

If you are working on an IoT project, you know finding the right module, device and/or connectivity is only part of the picture. You may also need different kinds of IoT platforms to manage your devices, data and users. As such, Orange IoT platforms build on our connectivity expertise to help device-makers, app developers and others develop their services.

Find the right IoT platform for you

Comparison table of Orange IoT platforms

A closer look at the Datavenue IoT platforms

Live Objects

Boost your IoT potential! Live Objects manages your objects, collects, stores, secures and processes your IoT data.

Data visualization

Device inventory

Device monitoring

Firmware update

Device configuration

Data management

Data Share

Accelerate your B2C app development & enhance user experience with a single API to create services that connect all your users’ device data.

End-user identity for B2C apps

Data aggregation with business components

IoT constructor connector

Compatible with international norms

SDKs for Apps

Ready to comply with data regulation

Flexible Datasync

A mobile backend-as-a-service for serverless development, with smart data syncing.

User authentication

Real-time database

Multiple SDKs