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Orange user attributes APIs

Online, user security and convenience sometimes feel impossible to balance. Orange is offering a suite of new services that make it easy and simple. With user attributes APIs like Form Filling and Check ID, developers can create services to make online interactions and payments simpler and safer.

Like all Orange identity-themed APIs, the following are based on OpenID Connect protocols, ensuring comprehensive security, connectivity and compatibility. For developers, these Orange APIs and services can boost services with features like easy enrolment, quick ID validation and discreet location checks. Below is the user attributes APIs catalog being deployed throughout the Orange footprint:

Form Filling

Form Filling

quicker sign-ups, instant check-outs

For a digital business, long and/or complicated user journeys result in significant drop-off rates. Form Filling streamlines online registration and/or check-out to provide a more seamless user experience. Users just tap “Connect with Orange”  to complete an online registration, and Orange verifies user attributes to confirm their identity and enable filling in forms—no typing necessary: with Form Filling, creating an account takes just 2 clicks vs. an average of 80 keyboard strokes.

Check ID

Check ID

smoother and safer online

Check ID enhances customer safety and protects businesses against fraud by enabling them to cross-check customer information with Orange databases. Users simply authenticate themselves with their Orange account, which cross-checks user attributes to verify their identity. This cross-checking is completely transparent and doesn’t impact user journeys.

Location Check: get more reliable transactions abroad

Whether on- or offline, users can benefit from another layer of security with Orange’s Location Check, which make transactions abroad more reliable and convenient while protecting them against fraud. This is done by using network data to verify that the smartphone is actually in the country where the transaction is initiated.

Currently available in France

Network Info: protect your business against identity theft and fraud

The Network Info service aims to mitigate contextual risk factors and fraud by providing access to the Orange network, and transmits account and device data so businesses can verify a user’s details. Orange partners enjoy improved transaction quality thanks to unique data based on Orange accounts, along with device insights. Meanwhile, customers benefit from increased security and reduced fraud risks.

Currently available in Spain.

Identifying partners

To deliver a more complete experience to its clients, Orange has partnered with third-party aggregators like Danal and TeleSign. These help identify and integrate new partners, which allows Orange to focus on improving its services while redirecting end-users toward their mobile network operator for authentication.