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Platform upgrade from Oauth2.0 v2 to Oauth2.0 v3

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On the Orange Developer and Orange Developer Inside platforms, the Oauth2 access authorization protocol has evolved to version 3 (Oauth2 v3) to provide new features and to adapt the token lifetime (1 hour instead of 90 days) in line with market standards.

As the transition period is coming to an end, we will progressively cut down on the previous implementation (v2) of the Oauth2 access authorization protocol. It will no longer be available starting from September 15th 2021.

Any of your applications using the Oauth2 v2 implementation at this date will no longer function.

You can find below an example of the type of answers that you could get once version v2 of the Oauth2 protocol is stopped:

HTTP404 not Found
    "code": 60,
    "message": "Resource not found",
    "description": "The requested URI does not exist."

As a reminder, here are the actions you need to undertake to switch from Oauth2 v2 to Oauth2 v3 implementation:

  • In your API usage code, replace POST /oauth/v2/token by POST /oauth/v3/token;
  • make sure you set the Accept header field to application/json;
  • make sure your application is configured to renew the token every hour.

Please note that there is a limit of 50 req/s on token requests.

For more details, consult the dedicated guide.

For any questions, you can contact support.dev@orange.com

The Orange Developer team