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Take your IoT device to market with Orange in France

Club IoT

Test launch your B2C IoT device in select Orange stores for 3 months

The Club de découverte des objets connectés is a test & learn platform, dedicated to consumer IoT devices, enabling a community of device-makers to take their IoT device to market with Orange in France.

Every 3 months, Orange selects a new range of innovative IoT devices, designed by Orange or start-ups, which are displayed in 30+ physical stores & online.

The Club has 3 main goals:

  1. Assess devices’ commercial viability through a limited release in real conditions
  2. Determine best practices for marketing IoT devices and fostering customer buy-in and ownership
  3. Create & manage a dynamic community of customers and sales teams

Join the Club to take your IoT device to market with Orange

You benefit from:

  • A limited go-to-market with Orange support to test your device viability in real-life conditions
  • Your device showcased in 31 Orange stores across France and online in the Orange Boutique and Club de découverte
  • A dedicated & trained sales team act as your device ambassadors
  • Genuine feedback from customers, Lab Orange innovators, and sales teams
  • Satisfied customers to boost word-of-mouth

2017 in numbers

  • 1,500 devices sold
  • 31 physical stores
  • 290 sales assistants
  • 11 products tested
  • 30€ to 250€ item price
  • 100% PoS visited
  • 25% of purchases made online
  • 85% of satisfied online Club contributors

8 things we are looking for in applications

1. High-quality B2C IoT devices ready for distribution (not prototypes)
2. Useful devices intended for repeated use
3. Ergonomic/user-friendly devices
4. A price tag <299€ and ideally <99€
5. clear & simple pitch understandable in 2 minutes by a vendor or client
6. Merchandising that is compatible with the strategy of Orange stores
7. An efficient supply chain that complies with Orange procurement policies
8. You can provide customer support