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Why Live Tracker at MWC


Live Tracker is a personal asset tracker that was demostrated at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona. It is the first device to embed the Live Booster 4G/2G module. Live Booster is a very innovative partnership approach to provide ready-to-integrate solutions to stimulate object makers imagination and accelerate path to the market of connected objects.

This approach combines Orange’s assets in cellular connectivity and EBV Elektronik’s expertise on electronic markets. The idea for MWC was to promote Live Booster and demonstrate a first consumer product that integrates Live Booster.

Live Tracker integrates everything a customer needs in one package: the device, the mobile app and the connectivity (SIM + Data) for the whole lifecycle of the product.

Great event, great booth, great organisation

MWC is still a very professional event. The great majority of people stopping by our booth had a real interest in asset tracking.

The booth was huge this year, in the main hall close to Telefonica, DT, Dell and Samsung. Live Tracker was on the IoT Bench with our friends from Smart Tracking Indoor and Live Booster. The organisation of Orange Booth was optimal providing a great visibility on all demos.

MWC Orange booth

Orange Hello lab provides a great support for service and logistics, so you only have to focus only on your demos and visitors.

Great feedbacks

The MWC is a unique occasion to meet the industry and collect feedbacks from suppliers, customers, colleagues and competitors. This innovative approach of selling device and connectivity in a single package solution has raised a lot of interest from our visitors. We can see clearly that Orange is ahead of the market with this new business model approach.

B2B version

Another popular feedback concerns the enterprise market. Live Tracker has been designed for the consumer market but many people are now asking us to address the B2B market. Visitors have appreciated the design and performance of Live Tracker and they feel it can fit quite easily their business needs

Hopefully, we had a first prototype of a B2B version of Live Tracker we could show. It shares the same platform (hardware and software) but has a different casing and adds extra features (waterproof, larger batteries, more sensors).

Live tracker at the MWC 2019

It will fit also with Orange Business Services‘ fleet management systems and current business process for SIM procurement and management.

We expect to launch Live Tracker in H2 2019. For more info on the product, please contact us.