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Orange Group presented its APIs vision and catalogue at API Days 2022

Published: December 28, 2023

API Days 2022

Key insights from Orange Group presentations

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Orange supports the digital transformation of its customers and partners in various domains. APIs are in the heart of this global transformation. Get real insights about what exists and what’s next in this article which summarizes the keynotes of Orange speakers at API Days Paris 2022.

About the event

API Days is one of the world’s largest conferences dedicated to the economic impact of APIs in the modern IT landscape and the future of digital solutions.
This year the event took place on December 14, 15 and 16 2022, at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie at Paris and was dedicated to “APIs the next 10 years: Software, Society, Sovereignty, Sustainability”.

For three days, multiple conferences and workshops were held to discuss how APIs are the future of the IT sector, the digital transformation of the economy, the network softwarization, API standards and the impact of APIs on society as a whole.

Key takeaways

With several conferences and demos, Orange shared the latest updates on its API vision and portfolio.

Congratulations to Guillaume Gauthier, Guillaume Perez and Claire Chauvin for their conference “Digital transformation and scaling with B2B, wholesale and network APIs in telco” as well as to Amelia Newsom-Davis for her conference “How Mobile ID APIs help to fight fraud ?”

Standardization has been a keyword for Orange these past few years, Orange developing APIs under common standards like TMF for example.

“Orange wants to focus to develop standardized APIs in order for developers to have a widest and simplest access” – says Claire Chauvin, Strategy Architecture and Standardization Director.

Guillaume Perez, Orange Wholesale France customer experience and commercial communication director sets the example with United Way suite of APIs compliant with the TMF standard and available in Orange Developer. With these APIs the customer is able to manage parties, consult the catalog or the inventory, place a quote or an order, ensure follow up.

As part of the CAMARA project, Orange announced being in the process to open its network to partners and customers. Network APIs are what is coming next. These APIs will offer the possibility for developers and partners to create additional services and address them via the Orange customer base under the same standards.

On the B2B side, Guillaume Gauthier, the Chief Technical Officer Network at Orange Business Services, explained how Orange Business opens its infrastructure both to customers and partners through the Telco Cloud Platform. This platform gives to Orange customers the access through APIs to a set of composable and adaptative infrastructure services that can be consumed and managed like cloud services. Developers will benefit from this evolution by being able to “reuse their development tools, that they have currently.”

Amelia Newsom-Davis, Director of Payment, Messaging and Identity services at Orange France presented the Mobile Id suite of APIs. These are identity APIs, based on customer data.

“We are looking at other attributes that we can add to our Mobile ID suite of APIs to help protect our customers against fraud and to help companies fight fraud,” – she said.

To conclude, Orange has a clear strategy regarding APIs : standardization for greater openness in networks, and more generally for improved collaboration with its customers and partners.

Find out more about our Orange speakers

Photo Claire Chauvin

Claire Chauvin leads Strategy, Architecture and Standardization for Orange. Her mission is to serve the Orange countries by defining the technical strategy, the end-to-end architecture for key technologies, and the standardization policy of the Orange Group. Claire is responsible for identifying technological disruptions and evolutions, and for ensuring they can deliver the best opportunities at the best moment for Orange. Accordingly, she manages the Orange participation in multiple standardization bodies, industrial associations and Open Source initiatives.

Photo Amelia Newsom Davis

Amelia Newsom-Davis runs a B2B division at Orange France in charge of payment, digital identity and business messaging. The business unit develops and operates API based services for 3rd parties such as Mobile ID, RCS Business Messaging and Operator Billing and grows the partner ecosystem around them. Prior to joining Orange France, Amelia worked for Orange Group Innovation on API Business Developement.

Photo Guillaume Gauthier

Guillaume Gauthier is chief technology officer within the Connectivity Business Unit at Orange Business Services. Guillaume is in charge of the engineering of network services worldwide. He develops SD-WAN, SD-LAN and SDN services leveraging the Orange-shared network infrastructure and access. Prior to this position, he worked with local telecom operators, network startups and worldwide telecom equipment vendors.

Photo Guillaume Perez

Guillaume Perez is Customer Experience and Commercial Communications Director for fixed services in Orange Wholesale France a carrier-to-carrier business unit. This business unit is leader on its market with a 3Billions € revenue. He is the business owner of a major customer digital transformation program including APIs.

Prior to this position Guillaume was program director of the network virtualisation services developpement for the french wholesale market.