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Orange presents Network APIs demos at MWC 2023

Close up of young woman using mobile app device on smartphone to arrange a taxi ride in downtown city street, with illuminated city traffic scene as background

Orange Group took part in the Mobile World Congress, from February 27 to March 2, 2023. The Mobile World Congress is the largest connectivity event of the year, gathering all the actors of the mobile technology ecosystem. This year Orange demonstrated 2 major use cases of future coming network APIs. Let’s discover!

Experience enhanced mobile Gaming with Network APIs

This demo invites you to experience enhanced Gaming with Blacknut “hot wheels unleashed” game. The demo showcases how user experience improves mobile network connectivity with enough bandwidth to play in top-notch conditions.  First, the Blacknut Game is played in SD mode and congested environment. Then, you are invited to switch to the application in HD mode leveraging the full bandwidth and network boost. In this demo Orange demonstrates how easy it is for you to trigger Network Quality-of-service on demand API to override the rate limit and allow maximum throughput for data session.

Experience MATSUKO holographic solution with improved call rendering quality

This demo is performed commonly by DT, MATSUKO and Orange. It illustrates the improvement of the holographic view displayed in Nreal glasses thanks to Network APIs.  First, the call is started, and you witness high latency and a bad customer experience. In a second step, the call quality and 3D rendering is improved using an API to route the traffic from the closest Edge server to the called user. And finally, you obtain a very satisfying holographic display, thanks to improved quality of experience, triggering the quality on demand Network API. This demonstration shows all the benefits of easy-to-use Network APIs directly called by the application developer. The network measurement shows the reduction of network latency and jitter.

Network APIs available for App developers on Orange Developer Platform

Orange has a long history of exposing APIs for internal and external usage. IT and Service APIs are exposed on the Orange Developer Portal, which will now host Network APIs, defined within the common scope of CAMARA and under GSMA Open Gateway agreement.  20 global Operators are now supporting and engaged to deploy common network functions accessible by application developers across the world. Orange is having its first CAMARA Network APIs available and visible on Orange Developer, ready to be tested or implemented in applications.