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User Authentication Method

Find the best User authentication solution for you, among all methods available at Orange

Published: September 21, 2023

Providing security and convenience to your users requires diverse authentication methods to meet various use cases and needs. That is why we offer several different user authentication methods to meet the specific needs of our partners.

By offering this wide range of options, we aim to simplify your user authentication process, while maintaining the same processes that your users have come to expect from your service. For example, certain authentication methods are designed exclusively for mobile devices, which maximizes the technical and functional capacities offered by the network.

5 user authentication methods to use with Orange Developer

When you sign up with Orange for a Know Your Customer (KYC) plan such as Form ID and Match ID, you can choose the user authentication methods that match your needs and Orange will implement them for your users.

Method #1: Login

Users enter their Orange login and password into the Orange France form for authentication.

Method #2: Line identification

This method is designed exclusively for mobile devices and uses the network to identify users. If line identification is not available for your user (customers who only have an Internet contract with Orange, for example), that user will benefit from Login authentication.

User authentication via line identification screen

Method #3: SMS OTP Consent

To speed up the process, this method combines authentication and consent into one step: entering the OTP code sent by SMS simultaneously authenticates the user and registers their consent. Implementing this authentication method requires the Orange partner to transmit the user’s MSISDN with their request (see our SMS OTP Consent technical guide).

Method #4: SMS URL

SMS URL is a combination of technologies used to privilege mobile channels for user authentication. Users receive an SMS containing a link to a line identification page. The SMS is sent by Orange and its content can be adapted to meet your needs.

Smartphone screen with SMS showing user authentication via SMS URL

Method #5: Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect is a SIM card authentication method based on the Open ID Connect standard. Users receive a mobile notification asking them to verify their identity by simple confirmation (LoA2) or by entering a preset PIN code (LoA3). Find out more about Mobile Connect.