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The solution to your problem is perhaps already known. Always check the FAQs on the API you are using before opening a ticket. For that, click on My apps above, select an application, then click on the name of the API and select “FAQ” tab

If you encounter token-related problems, consider verifying that the token size is managed dynamically. The size of our tokens is progressivelly changed from 33 bytes to 640 bytes up to 3Kbytes.

SMS APIs - the maintenance operation is over, the service is now operational. You will find information about how to upgrade your application(s) to the latest version of the API on this page Platform migration for the SMS API
SMS APIs - l’opération de maintenance est terminée, le service est opérationnel. Vous pouvez retrouver des informations sur comment utiliser la dernière version de l’API sur cette page Migration de plateforme pour l'API SMS

For the SMS API

For questions regarding to SMS APIs on Middle East and Africa, please consult the Frequently-Asked Questions by clicking below.

For SMS response, Sender Names, Larger Volume and Real time SMS DR options, our local commercial and technical teams are here to help you.

For all other APIs

Contact us here for API integration, API or website issues, or any other questions